Hey there, welcome to the site. I'm Chris! I love the process of taking an idea from imagination to reality. I dabble in building products, making videos, writing and creating music. I currently work for a startup called Harvest in the lovely Austin, TX.

1/2016 Green Belt

8/2015 RBI Softball Campionship Game

1/2016 January 2016

Work Harvest (v2)

For the past year, I have worked on front-end development of modern web applications built in Yeoman, Grunt, Bower, Angular, HTML, CSS and Javascript, integrated with third party and Harvest APIs. I have also created python scripts and Flask applications (RESTful web API) to effectively use restaurant data. Check it out here.

1/2016 Onion Creek Park

2/2016 Faces

Work Harvest v1

12/2015 Kiepersol Estates Winery

2/2016 Inks Lake

Work Vip Worthy

Contract work for a client. Transfered Sketch design to functional website in HTML/CSS. Check it out here.

12/2015 Kiepersol Estates Winery

2/2016 Luminous

12/2015 Coffee

10/2013 Cathedral of Junk

8/2013 Hume Street

Work Harvest Dashboard

Co-Created the dashboard Harvest uses to keep track of stats and orders. It's an Angular app integrated with Harvest API, Twilio and Braintree. Admins can view orders, charge users, check stats, update user information and talk with customers.

4/2013 Chops + America

1/2016 First Music Finished

2/2015 Karaoke for Girl's Birthday

12/2014 That one time I graduated from UT

Work Harvest Waiting List

A simple meteor app used to take interested customers emails. Keeps a count of signups and uses mailchimp to capture emails.

12/2014 Kansas City Trip

8/2015 First Interview, killed it

Work Recommenu

Developed B2B web software with Angularjs, Yeoman, Grunt, HTML, CSS and Jquery.
Also developed front-end consumer application in iOS and web technology integrated with our API, focusing on exceptional user experience. *No longer available

12/2014 Rainey St.

8/2015 Champions!

Web Project Old Personal Site

Programmed in HTML, CSS and a little JS.

5/2012 T Bar M Camps

iOS Project Intelect

A class project that hoped to spread information about current elections going on around you. I worked with 4 others on ideas, design and app functionality. Another CS studend and I coded it in XCode and Objective-C.